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3 CD Box Set

More Product (Universal MoreSexPis)

Disc 1: "Some Product - Carri On Sex Pistols": The Very Name 'Sex Pistols' / From Beyond The Grave / Big Tits Across America / The Complex World Of John Rotten / Sex Pistols Will Play / The Fucking Rotter
Disc 2: BBC Radio 1: Rock On: The John Tobler Interview.
12th Nov 77
Disc 3: Radio Metro 19th Nov 77 / Radio Forth 19th Nov 77

Universal continue to consolidate the Sex Pistols archive with the 3 CD 'interview' box set More Product.

The robust oversized package houses a booklet with all the necessary information and some very nice pictures, especially those taken during the band's visit to Radio Forth.

More Product

Disc One is the July 1979 album Some Product: Carri On Sex Pistols. This reached the dizzy heights of no. 6 in the UK charts, incredible for a non-music album. Of course, it was panned by the music papers as a money grabbing exercise, but lapped up by fans eager for more 'Sex Pistols', a band that had already ceased to exist.

It was actually a fabulous document, superbly compiled, which somehow managed to distil all that was great about the band into 40 minutes of verbal mayhem. It is still the 'go to' reference for an eye of the hurricane experience of the chaos these lads managed to cause in such a brief period of time.

The next couple of discs are from BBC Radio. Worth remembering that the BBC were happy to ignore the existence of the Sex Pistols during the first half of 1977, but showed signs of thawing during the summer with the airing of the Pretty Vacant promo video on TOTP. No doubt sensing their historical importance, they saw fit to interview the band following the release of Never Mind The Bollocks at the end of October.

Disc Two is the full John Tobler BBC 'Rock On' interview with John and Sid. It gives a fascinating insight into their personas and their relationship; John is quite happy to point out Sid's limitations while Sid himself is not bothered in the slightest! Sid indulges in belching throughout and damns all and sundry, but he is actually sharp and articulate when a topic excites him. Most enlightening is hearing them pull apart myths such as the man who alledgely kicked in his TV set after the Grundy show. "How did the papers find out that story ? Did he ring them up? Fabrication. I just hope if we're responsible for anything it'll be to make people think about things like that - the media." (The interview was previously included as part of the 2012 NMTB 35th Anniversary Super Deluxe Boxset, but its inclusion here makes it more accessible).

Disc Three brings together two local BBC Radio interviews. The Radio Metro, Newcastle, interview is the most well known amongst fans, partly for the ernest DJ who "talks too much". The interview shows John and Paul to be a great double act. Despite having their own distinct perspectives on the band, they are very much in sync. There's no hint here of tensions that would lead to the band to split in 2 months time.
The Radio Forth, Edinburgh, interview is the least familiar entry in the box set. It's also the most animated, led from the front by Johnny with Steve and Paul chipping in now and again. The Damned, Caroline Coon, The Clash, Roger Daltrey, The Vibrators and the Spunk bootleg come in for a bashing. What will the band do when they call it a day? Steve: "I wanna buy a brothel!"

These regional interviews are important - not least for their non "London centric" angle. The impact the Sex Pistols had on the whole of the UK was immense and the band were treated with respect when they ventured away from the capital. The regions were delighted to have them pass through, and these interviews therefore carry an overwhelming positive vibe.

More Product is a tastefully presented addition to the Sex Pistols archive. The interviews breathe life into a period of time now fast receeding into the dim distant past - these were real people and this is what they had to say for themselves. Never mind the music, this is who the Sex Pistols were.

Review by Phil Singleton
More Product
More Product

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