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Bonhams Auction 20th October 2022
- Exclusive Preview

POP X Culture sale at Bonhams on 20th October 2022
Mark Jay: I will be offering for sale some more pieces from my collection including the following items shown below. A super-rare and recently re-discovered (in the loft) original drawing of Johnny Rotten I was commissioned to do by Malcolm when he was in development on The Great Rock ‘N’ Roll Swindle movie. An archival proof copy of the Story So Far poster that I have signed on the reverse. Sid's own 'Two Cowboys' signed on the back by Johnny in 1976. Other lots include the NMTB full Ariola Press kit, a Mick Rock safety pin Johnny Rotten 1976 print and an original Roxy Flyer (not Pistols).

Rotten Marionette

An original drawing of Johnny Rotten that Malcolm McLaren commissioned in early 1978 when he was putting together The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle film idea.

The Story So Far

A proof copy given to Mark by Malcolm McLaren for approval during final marketing discussions prior to the release of the Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols album. The poster was commissioned for the US release of the album and used for store displays, press packs and promo copies of the album.

Cowboys T-shirt Autographed by Rotten

A Sid Vicious owned Westwood/McLaren 'Two Cowboys' T-shirt worn and customised by Sid Vicious and autographed by Johnny Rotten. Sleeveless white jersey with exterior seaming, three rips to front and ‘SKUM’ faintly inscribed twice, the back signed and inscribed by Johnny Rotten in blue felt 'A True Star', unlabelled.

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