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From the archive of Spencer & Jack Anderson

Spencer has collected lyrics hand written by John Lydon, Steve Jones & Glen Matlock.
In addition to original Submission lyrics on Glitterbest Ltd paper, Steve & Glen have scribed Silly Thing, Ghosts Of Princes In Towers, Join The Professionals & Nasty Ho.
Submission Sex Pistols
Submission (scribed by John Lydon)
Sill Thing
Silly Thing (scribed by Steve Jones)
Ghosts of Princes
Rich Kids: Ghosts of Princes in Towers (scribed by Glen Matlock)
Join The Prosfessionals
The Professionals: Join The Prosfessionals (scribed by Steve Jones)
Neurotic Outsiders: Nasty Ho (scribed by Steve Jones)
Neurotic Outsiders: Nasty Ho (scribed by Steve Jones)

Special thanks to Spencer & Jack Anderson for sharing.

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