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Central Library
3 Nov 2018 - 13 Jan 2019

This excellent exhibition is well worth a visit. It features a number of priceless items of particular interest to Sex Pistols fans. Gary Carmichael went for a look...

Sex Pistols Eric's Club Contract for October 1976 gig

John Lydon's handwritten lyrics to Small Faces song Understanding
1975 rehearsal set
Sex Pistols 1975 rehearsal set
EMI letter
"EMI & the Sex Pistols" Memo 6th January 1977
Capitol Records Memo
Capitol Records Memo 3rd December 1976, issued after the Sex Pistols appearance on the Today TV Show Full Details of the Exhibition >

Special thanks to Gary Carmichael for attending the exhibition and taking the above photographs. 

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God Save the Sex Pistols

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