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The Filth And The Fury
RSD 2024

Coloured vinyl double album (limited edition of 4500 numbered copies)

UMR 5895607

The Filth And The Fury

Side One. God Save The Queen / Submission / Don't Give Me No Lip, Child / Watcha Gonna Do About It / Road Runner
Side Two. Substitute / Seventeen / Anarchy In The UK / Pretty Vacant / Did You No Wrong
Side Three. Liar / EMI (Unlimited Edition) / No Feelings / I Wanna Be Me
Side Four. Problems / Holidays In The Sun / Bodies / No Fun

Oh no, it's Record Store Day again. A day once celebrated by music fans, now a source of irritation for many. Not just for the anxiety caused by the fear of missing out on a collectable, but more so for industry rip off, stinging fans with yet more rehashed, unwanted and unnecessary releases. To review pretty much any RSD release these days requires putting all that to one side and focusing solely on the product. Not easy.

The Filth And The Fury soundtrack was originally released in 2000 to accompany the film of the same name. A 29 track double CD, it included 11 tracks by artists other than the Pistols, most of which bulked out disc one. It made for a strange listen and I can't imagine many fans of the band giving it more than a couple of spins. It was possibly the least appealing of all official compilations. Its transition onto vinyl has resulted in a 18 track Pistols only compilation, so that's a big step up for a start. At the end of the day, however, it is just another compilation, a mere two years after the last. Fans have all this stuff sooooo many times. If you are desperate to find something unique you could point to the fact that Road Runner is presented on its own, rather than paired up with Johnny B. Goode. Or, just like the 2000 CD, No Fun is faded at the end (this unfortunate occurence reappeared on 2022's The Original Recordings debacle).

On a positive note, the gatefold sleeve is made from quality card. The interior is based on the original CD booklet and packaging, and it certainly looks the part when opened. The vinyl sounds warm and the music is clear, but I do wonder about quality control with modern pressings in general. My side three has multiple labels stuck on it, which partially cover the run out grooves. The music isn't affected but you have to be alert when the side finishes! I'm not too bothered, I doubt it'll trouble my turntable very often.

Other than that, what can I say? The music is fabulous, and I never tire of hearing the Pistols. It's on coloured vinyl, red and white to match the artwork. Collectors will buy it but not many will play it. Record company wins again. I wonder what Universal will concoct next year? The Jubilee CD on a picture disc? How about, Flogging A Dead Horse on dog shit coloured vinyl? I might be willing to queue for that one!!!

Review by Phil Singleton (April 2024)

Phil Singleton / 2024
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