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6th July 2008
Unique Account for God Save The Sex Pistols by Jorinde Reznikoff

The festival of Bobital has been my very first experience of a festival!

Because I've past my whole life in the "scene" of classical music and academic thinking. Grown up in a family of musicians with this deadly aim of perfectionism, I suffered all my life from.  I nearly have been killed by it.  In this sense I'm "of the poorest of poor", to take up John Lydon's words.

Then I discovered gregorian chant as a "new-ancient" more opened way of music practice, because anciently  every farmer, mother, child was singing and dancing in this oral tradition!!!  In any case  I hoped to find so. But even there always this suffering of perfection and humanity killing practice!!!

So in October 2007, I met my man Klaus-Peter who has reflected the ups and downs of the so-called punk-scene in Germany. He opened to me the world of the "other" side of music life (life!!!) and we decided to celebrate my 50th birthday in Bobital with the Sex Pistols..!!!!! And what a joy, what an incredible discovery for me!!! The Sex Pistols playing = LIVING!!!, exactly what I felt and told (to my pupils and in my writings) about the sense of music and specially the ancient tradition!

And then John Lydon's statement on this 6th of July - my birthday speech (!!!!!): Everybody, but specially every musician, all these killing and self-killing perfectionists of the classical scene, have to hear it and to put it into their heart (hearing means for me exactly this.)! It's essential and universal, because deeply human. THANK YOU SO MUCH, JOHN LYDON!!!!

And I give thanks that it happened on my birthday . And perhaps, one day, we will sing an A cappella song together ...

Review by Jorinde Reznikoff for www.sex-pistols.net

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