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18th November 2007
God Save The Sex Pistols Reviews. Submitted by Robert Newel & Ash

Set List: Pretty Vacant / Seventeen / No Feelings / New York / Did You No Wrong / Liar / Holidays In The Sun / Submission / Stepping Stone / No Fun / Problems / God Save The Queen / EMI. Encore 1: Bodies / Anarchy In The UK. Encore 2: Roadrunner

Review #1:
Hall Three of the SECC was bursting at the seams. At 9.35PM the old Scottish favourite I Belong To Glasgow was played over the speakers. Then the boys walked casually on stage and the noise of the crowd was deafening. Lydon referred to the Scotland game against Italy (played the day before - Scotland lost). He said we were robbed and held up a Scotland flag - the crowd went into a frenzy.

Steve stood there and played the opening chords to Pretty Vacant. The hairs on the back of my neck just stood up, and the whole place went ape. If that's not the best opening of a gig ever, then I don't know what is. After No Feelings, John commented that London and Manchester were no match for this Glasgow crowd. Maybe he said the same thing at the other gigs but I've never seen a crowd so wild in all my years. Before Liar, John asked the crowd if they saw Malcolm on the I'm A Celebrity show. When the crowd roared back "yes" John said "no you didn't!" and gave him a bit of verbal.

John also commented on people tossing their pints in the air and onto the stage; "You are Scottish, you're meant to drink it". After great versions of God Save The Queen and EMI the band went off. The crowd started singing "We'll be coming down the road", a Scottish football chant. The boys came back on stage and did Bodies and Anarchy - everybody was bouncing from the teenagers to the old women. It was amazing; a perfect end to a perfect gig. The boys might be older and wiser now but they put on a show that would shame any band. Cheers lads! Excellent!

Review by Robert Newel

Review # 2:
Still on a high from Manchester, we arrived at the SECC at about 4.30pm. Hubby wanted to drive someplace and eat a meal or something, at that point hardly anyone was around but I thought I heard drumming and was going no further.
We'd arrived just in time to hear the end of the soundcheck! A small group of Old Skool punks were gathered at the side of Hall 3, they looked great. I ran over to listen while hubby parked the car .... we couldn't work out if it was the band playing or roadies, but then suddenly the guitar kicked in and you cannot mistake Steve's sound! A moment later the security opened up the side door just a crack, the guy signalled we had to stay outside, fair enough. John wasn't there but one of them said we'd just missed him. We were treated to Problems minus the vocals. I'd died and gone to heaven at this point!

Right from the get go there was a great atmosphere at the SECC. None of the angry drunks I'd seen at Manchester. The banter in the bar was great, we met some really top people. Everyone was there to have a good night, young and old.
The hall was packed to capacity, thank God they opened up the back door to give smokers space in the car park, the heat was incredible.

Everyone was wondering what the intro would be .... they got it just right with I Belong To Glasgow ... that kicked this party into full gear .... then they were on and straight away John announced Scotland had been robbed against Italy, the cheer he got for that one lifted the roof. The set list was identical to Manchester with the exception of a second encore. Hubby reckons they played better at Manchester, I disagree, they were outstanding at both, spot on.

Very early on Johnny said we put Brixton and Manchester to shame and the band really did seem to be enjoying it .... especially Steve, he was much more animated, bouncing around and signalling down to people in the crowd. He seemed to be handing down guitar picks at the end, hard to see, but I think that's what it was. Johnny did have to warn a few at the front to stop the spitting, "Spit on your enemies, not us - we are your friends! Police yourselves."

When they left the stage first time, they all stood linking arms and like at Brixton. Johnny said "Don't believe what you read, we love each other!" Then it was Bodies and Anarchy .... they left again and at that point a lot of people seemed to think it was over. I had total faith they'd come back for more and they did, Steve leading them on.

"We'll make this up as we go along, always good for a laugh" says Johnny. "I've renamed Roadrunner to Bumrunner, we've all got diarrhoea!" Then it really was over and they left the stage waving and singing Show me the way to go home .... at that point it hit me I'd maybe never see this band play again; emotional isn't the word. Flower Of Scotland was played over the speakers, replacing Vera Lynn again.

It was an amazing end to this tour, they certainly went out on a high. There is a reason the Sex Pistols are LEGENDS, there isn't another band to touch them.

Review by Ash

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