Violent Delight - Same Old StoryViolent Delight - Same Old Story / Parental Guidance (WEA 355)

Hot on the heels of the CD single comes a limited edition seven-inch release, produced by Steve Jones. Same Old Story is built around a throbbing bass line, subtle background harmonies, and some punchy bursts of drumming. Featuring some clinical guitar playing and a varying tempo, on this release Violent Delight show that they have more to offer than break neck speed punk. "Everyone's always laughing at me" growls singer Rodney.

The flipside, Parental Guidance, is altogether slower and more mellow, which would appear to be deliberate to showcase the lyrics. It's basically about discovering your parents' bedroom activities. Delivered in a style reminiscent of the Television Personalities & ATV, the song concludes, "seeing your parents fucking is worse than drinking piss." Not a classic by any means, but amusing none the less.

Overall this is another worthy release by Violent Delight. They appear to be building a solid foundation for themselves. Their album which is due in 2003, (featuring a number of different producers), will be their big test.

Review by Phil Singleton
December 2002

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