Sex Pistols' Steve Jones Jams With Stone Temple Pilots

Steve Jones, the legendary guitarist from the Sex Pistols, joined Stone Temple Pilots onstage for a spirited performance at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles on Thursday night (November 9 2000). The punk-rock hero and STP performed STP's "Sex Type Thing" and the Pistols' classic "Bodies."

STP remained in fine spirits throughout the show, one of the last on the Return Of The Rock tour, which culminates eight months of gigs by the band in support of its latest album, No. 4. Lead singer Scott Weiland seemed especially animated throughout the show, sporting a black Afro wig from the get-go and absolutely nothing but an American flag later on.

The always vivacious singer reminisced with the crowd about the last time the group played at the venue, when it kicked off the tour for its 1996 album Tiny Days at a time when Weiland was fresh out of rehab and still not doing well.

Weiland also told the crowd about a possible live album in the works and how the group will start recording new material after the first of the year. "We're gonna be in the studio in January to make a new record," he said, to much fan approval. "It'll kinda be like all of us under house arrest together."

The Return Of The Rock tour, also featuring Godsmack and Disturbed, was scheduled to conclude Friday (November 10) in Phoenix.

Neal Weiss, Los Angeles (Nov 12 '00, 10 a.m. ET)

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