“Lost and forgotten Iggy Pop songs” declares the cover sticker. So what’s it all about, and what’s in it for Pistols fans? Jungle have got their hands on the Skydog bootlegs “Wake Up! Suckers” and “We’re Not Talkin’ About Commercial Shit!”, and made them legal. The 2CD collection is basically the highlights of the 2 bootlegs plus 3 tracks from the “Ole Mule Skinner” bootleg released on Imperium. Ironically the “...Skinner” cuts are the only 3 from that album not to feature Steve or Glen. Nevertheless it’s Steve and Glen that provide the Pistols interest on “Nuggets”. The collection brings together the 1985 Iggy/Jones “Blah Blah Blah” demos, “Woman Dream” and “Family Affair”, recorded in LA, and live Iggy/Glen performances of “You Really Got Me” and “Batman Theme” from 1979.

“Woman Dream” is a stormer, featuring a powerful performance from Steve, deserving of the “nugget” tag. The cover version of Sly and the Family Stone’s “Family Affair” is bizarre, as Steve’s guitar work is remarkably reminiscent of his solo “Mercy” album, far more so than of Iggy’s “Blah Blah Blah”.

Of the Iggy/Glen live cuts, “Batman Theme” is totally crazy, and well worth a listen. “You Really Got Me”, featuring ex-Damned guitarist Brian James, is an unspectacular performance.

The remainder of the CD set fulfills its promise of “rare and unreleased songs”, all culled from what Jungle refer to as “the lost psychotic era”. The recording quality and performances vary, while never straying too far from the raw edginess that is Iggy Pop. How about a further release combining the complete “Soldier” and “Blah Blah Blah” demos?!

Review by Phil Singleton
October 1999

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