The Le Scenes - Demos review

Ray McVeigh, Mark Robinson
(Engineer at Island Studios ) & Paul

Less Than You Deserve, Always On Fire, Shape Of Things To Come

The Le Scenes are a young band from Northern Ireland, who under the guidance of Ian Stewart of Musicbest Records, are tipped for an exciting future. Paul Cook & Ray McVeigh have given their support and produced three demos at Island Studios, London in January 2005.

Less Than You Deserve. The first two things to grab you are the rasping vocals, which are not a million miles removed from Mr. Gallagher, and the pounding rhythm section, which has a dash of The Who thrown in. A good start. Some smart background vocals lend an air of pop sensibility to a rich mix.

Always On Fire. A mid-paced track, a mixture of melody and rawness, underpinned by impressive rolling bass.

Shape Of Things To Come. A steady melody (with a cool key change) is interspersed with bursts of energy allowing the band to demonstrate their musicianship and enthusiasm. There is a lot going on in these demos, as the band grab the opportunity to showcase their strengths.

With the right breaks, The Le Scenes could be around for a while to come. Intuition & ingenuity combined with youthful zest. Definitely ones to watch.

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Review by Phil Singleton

Photographs provided exclusively to Kick Down The Doors by Ian Stewart

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