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February 2005

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  Note: Pistols related songs played are denoted by punctuation; i.e. "Friggin in the Riggin".
Walked to work & skipping desert for rejuvenator drink; was stoned when did Big tits KSAN int in 78; left celphone at home; probably get addicted to rejuvenator; says happy birthday to John
Jonesy still walking to work; talks about being lazy and rather be playing playstation. Plays 70's rock.
Nomi song movie; got emails about yesterdays music set; ipods; why do things always start at model 2000 why not model #1; plays "get in on" on guitar;
Cherie Currie ; Robert hays; Jake their son Runways stories; Kim Fowley horror stories; Cherie writing a new book; sing Cherry Bomb; American Nights & If you would just love me again (Cherie & Jakes song)
Getting new phone #; Superbowl; football; Chelsea; love sacks; looking for intern; had a bodywax when he was into bodybuilding; klaus nomi on SNL w/ bowie; saw nomi song film; sings a bit of dance by lovemakers; makes a noise that is bugging him
Had flu last night; wanted to go to viper room to see s'kool girls; one year anniv coming up; put vit C in his smart water feeling better; does a rant about it is the end and the rain and then cracks himself up
Slim Jim Phantom (2) ; Jayne County Jokes about people sending him money & Sid will then greet you in heaven; sings Specials song over Desmond Dekker record; monster house remodeled cat club; Big Bounce was on cable; Jonesy's jockstrap; Anarchy tour Thunders stories; JT used to carry all his money in his pockets.
Ian Astbury (3) ; Gary from Blackburn 1st anniversary; Gary works for Adidas; Grammy people mag pic of steve next to ryan seacrest; early days of jukebox; Robbie Savage; Glen washing his feet in sink; social probs in blackburn; stealing Dr's of Madness wallets; made amends to kid strange.
Vidal Sassoon Talks about growing up during the war and his first salons; lots of fun during the 60's; Mia farrow; Twiggy stories; Steve wants viagra again.
Ian McClagen Pistols used to play All or Nothing & Afterglow before John; Quitting smoking; Bill Grundy; play "You're so Rude" & "debris" Steve caught Ian's tamborine at Roundhouse; Ronnie & Rod Faces problems; Steve bitter about Valentines day; Grammy's; sings a little Jonesy Jukebox acoustic song.
Sings Air Supply song; slipping on his diet; plays Back in Black on guitar; sings Jonesy song to More than a Feeling & PV; plays Caesars song.
Walked to work today for diet; drinking water; buzzcocks origin story; dave Goodman studio story mentions death; Thunders London boys bout John; Subway Sect story; strums Passenger; "Hung On You"; "My Way" "KDTD" "Religion II" my way acoustic sings ice cream lyrics; strums Neat Neat Neat.
Gabriel Byrne & Fam; Mick Rossi Paris Hilton; Usual Suspects; actor auditions; getting nervous before acting; Sir Laurence Olivier; The Bachelors; Steve could play deaf & dumb; doing film called Played w/ Mick; Steve; etc; old UK comedians; Oscars; Steve in last scene of the film The Vilain as kid.
Adam Sandler Longest yard remake; Burt Reynold's; Adam's married w/ kids; Steve used to cry about his dog after he died; listening to Kiss in Paul's mum's house; Kiss vs Beach Boys; on 60 minutes; long tongues; Queen & Freddie story; adam started guitar @ 13 in NH; bandanas; saw cruising in Vancouver; never had a girlfriend; went on road w/ Kinks after first LP; strums glass tiger w/ adam singing; Steve has fear of flying.
Secret Machines Pres. Day; has nothing to say; (needle in camel eye palys) long Jukebox song; morning dyslexic; "lost in nowhere now" acoustic by Secret Machines.
Paul Westerberg Wired Magazine; Satellite radio; Paris Hilton's phone; weather has Jonesy knackered; watched slasher film on IFC; minn Professionals accident story; (paul says fuckin) Terry reid; Linda Love; plays Sweet Jane Jonesy song.
Got a sour smoothie; stoped raining; steve's been lucky not needing repairs on house; plays waterloo sunset & unchained on guitar
Sings; went out last night not used to it anymore; plays the blues; hottest summer coming; birds carrying flu; killer bees; sings Roxy Music Jonesy song; whistles and plays American Girl; sings Love Hurts Jonesy song.
Feels throaty; weird dream w/ Jimmy Carter as swinger; has superpowers in dreams maybe fear thing; no leaks from rain; "Did You No Wrong"; fish n chips way back in Jesus times - fish for undies; sings a bit of Coco (Sweet) plays Cherie (Suicide).
Good football over weekend; shovel got sick; new studio intern Valerie; oscars & scorcese getting robbed; George mccray CD hard to get; Beyonce; Sean Penn; sick of negativity; saw Duran Duran on sat; plays Maneater & Common People (pulp).

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