BUCKCHERRY- "BUCKCHERRY" (Dreamworks(USA) /Polydor (UK))

Released 26th April '99 in UK.

The future of decadent rock 'n' roll? Buckcherry are certainly generating a buzz in certain quarters with the release of their debut album, produced by Steve Jones & Terry Date. As you might expect from a Jones project, this 12 track offering is a powerpacked ass-kicking, no-frills affair. Part G N' R, part AC/DC, part Pistols, it delivers on a sonic scale. The single, "Lit Up" starts the proceedings in bullshit free fashion, but hey, is a song devoted to Columbia's infamous export going to get airplay?

Amongst the confident rock swagger, the set throws up 2 surprises. "Check Your Head" is a moving lament, while "For The Movies" is as good an arm waving anthem as you're gonna get.

Jones is credited with additional guitar & backing vocals. The extent of his contibution is unclear, although "Dirty Mind" is Jones through & through.

Buckcherry's subject matter is such that it's no surprise Jones is involved. Filth in abundance! A few cuts are rock by numbers, but only "Borderline" disappoints (the keyboard - please no!).

Buckcherry wear their influences openly. They've tossed rock 'n' roll in the blender & come up with a mixture of familiar (did I detect Three Dog Night in there?!) & original sound. From the awesome nature of "Buckcherry", the story is just beginning.

Review by Phil Singleton
April 1999

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