EMI  7243 5 33588 2 2

The Magnificent / Payola / Northern Slide / Friday Night Square / Kick Down The Doors / Little Boys / All The Way / Crescendo / Madhouse / Too Far To Fall / Just Another Dream / Kamikaze / 1-2-3 / Mods Skins Punks / Join The Professionals / Has Anybody Got An Alibi / White Light White Heat / Baby I Don't Care

At long last, the UK release of 'I Didn't See It Coming' on CD. The CD comprises of the original 10 track album plus eight bonus tracks and comes complete with 16-page booklet containing pictures and biography, written in conjunction with 'Kick Down The Doors'. However, the presentation of the booklet is a diasppointment, with poor quality photos plus many typing errors.

The sound reproduction is excellent throughout. The additional tracks consist of the singles and b-sides, (minus 'Just Another Dream' b-side 'Action Man' for which the original master tape no longer exists, although attempts were made to master the track from vinyl without success), plus 'Kamikaze' and 'Mods Skins Punks', tracks recorded for the unreleased original first album. Will the elusive 'Rockin Mick/Man', ever be given an outing following its all too brief appearance on Limited Edition Records 1990 release, 'The Professionals'?

You should be able to buy this release for under £10. And at such a reasonable price, why not treat somebody uninitiated, and make a Professionals fan out of them! On balance however, I can't help but think it could have been so much more polished.

Review by Phil Singleton

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